Kia gets an upgrade

Nice to see entry level car companies upping their game and making a move on the top end of town. read more

Online Marketing Grant Worth $10,000 Available

The Small Business Digital Grants Program is available for small businesses who want to invest in digital marketing, and/or new technology to make the most of online business opportunities. There are 65 grants available, each worth up to $10,000. read more

Stay out of the burbs folks

I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m no fan of the burbs. Perhaps you aren’t either. It’s something about every house looking the same as then next. When you build your next website remember read more

Keeping your website relevant

You’ve just launched a new website and are brimming with excitement – that was a big step. Now you can sit back and relax, right? Not quite. Keeping your website fresh and your content up-to-date is an important aspect of having an online presence, interacting with new and existing customers, and staying relevant in your field.  read more

Taking the right tone

While doing some research on user experience design I found a great content writing resource read more

Kilim me softly

So here’s a shout out for my lovely wife. If you’re looking for that pop of colour to add to your lounge, bedroom or any room in your house then you should probably get a Kilim. read more

Virtual Reality Iconset

Virtual Reality is all the rage. To celebrate I’ve created a bunch of virtual reality icons that you can now find on the Noun Project. read more

Political Collateral Design

With more than 9 years experience in political collateral design Blackwood Media is able to help your business communicate your campaign message accurately and in style. read more

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

To get more sales, just reach more people. To reach more people, just advertise more… right?
This seems like a logical formula to get more sales, but while businesses are pumping more dollars into their ad spend many of them are forgetting read more

Tartine Bread – I’ve got the bug!

While visiting friends for dinner last week I got introduced to Tartine bread. This stuff is amazing and easy to make though a bit of an art at the same time. read more