How to stop i-photo opening when you plug in your i-phone

I dislike every time that I plug in my i-phone that apple opens i-photo by default. Frustratingly I put up with this for too long when it was a really easy solution. If you’d like to stop i-photo opening when you plug in your i-phone then keep reading. read more

The New Point Break Trailer is Here!

I still remember watching the first point break. I must’ve been 13 and was staying in Melbourne, not too far from the scene of the “50 year storm”. It was about the time read more

The best flight safety video ever

Air New Zealand has once again lead the way in in-flight safety videos with their most recent addition. In my opinion it’s their best yet and arguably the best flight safety video ever.
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Map of the soul

I recently had the opportunity to create some illustrated maps for soulfest music festival. The brief was make them fun and give them some life. Rather than the usual topographical map I thought I’d give them a 3D cartoonish feel.  You can check them out at the Soulfest websiteread more


Very happy to be working with Dean and the team at Thrive. They are in my opinion the Gold Coast’s best web design company, this is taking into consideration both the quality of the work and the cost of the website. For years I’ve directed my clients to have their websites designed at Thrive. Starting Jan 2015 I’ll be working with them in house. read more

Cricket’s not so bad

So I’ve always disliked cricket but after watching the Black Caps win, from what I’ve heard, one of the most memorable of all World Cup games I think I might watch a little more. It’s always been a hard commitment to spend an entire day watching tv. Imagine what you could do with those 8 hours if you had them again! Maybe create some art?
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