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Stay out of the burbs folks

I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m no fan of the burbs. Perhaps you aren’t either. It’s something about every house looking the same as then next. When you build your next website remember read more

Tartine Bread – I’ve got the bug!

While visiting friends for dinner last week I got introduced to Tartine bread. This stuff is amazing and easy to make though a bit of an art at the same time. read more

The New Point Break Trailer is Here!

I still remember watching the first point break. I must’ve been 13 and was staying in Melbourne, not too far from the scene of the “50 year storm”. It was about the time read more

The best flight safety video ever

Air New Zealand has once again lead the way in in-flight safety videos with their most recent addition. In my opinion it’s their best yet and arguably¬†the best flight safety video ever.
read more