Keeping your website relevant

You’ve just launched a new website and are brimming with excitement – that was a big step. Now you can sit back and relax, right? Not quite. Keeping your website fresh and your content up-to-date is an important aspect of having an online presence, interacting with new and existing customers, and staying relevant in your field. 

There are many reasons for keeping your website current, including SEO (helping Google find you!), attracting new customers with interesting & relevant information, and allowing your existing customers to see that you are busy, evolving and still very much in business.

Whether we have had the pleasure of building you a custom website, or if you are happy with your current one, the next important step is for us to maintain and update your website. We will do this as little or as often as suits you, which means you can spend your time doing what you do well, while we keep your online presence relevant and working for you.

At Blackwood Media we are quick to make your changes and we keep an open line of communication to help you understand the process and have your website updated promptly. You will find comfort in dealing with the same person every time and will quickly understand that no content update is too little or too big to ask. 

As well as keeping your content up-to-date, we understand that the amount of ongoing maintenance required depends on the size and complexity of your website. Our main goal is to have satisfied customers, so we have flexible maintenance and content management plans to suit your needs and your budget. There is no commitment needed to sign up to one of our plans, it simply puts us on the same page with how much time we will be spending on your site each month.

Of course you don’t need to sign up to a plan, just phone or email us when you have an update or need to ask a question, and we’ll help you out as soon as we can. Our current plans are as follows, and custom plans can be created.

Beginner Plan: 4 hours per month of website maintenance + content management as needed 

Intermediate Plan: 8 hours per month of website maintenance + content management as needed

Professional Plan: 12 hours per month of website maintenance + of content management (which rolls over to next month if not used) 

Flexible: pay-as-you-go

Contact me using the info below for pricing.

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