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Kia gets an upgrade

Nice to see entry level car companies upping their game and making a move on the top end of town. read more

Online Marketing Grant Worth $10,000 Available

The Small Business Digital Grants Program is available for small businesses who want to invest in digital marketing, and/or new technology to make the most of online business opportunities. There are 65 grants available, each worth up to $10,000. read more

Political Collateral Design

With more than 9 years experience in political collateral design Blackwood Media is able to help your business communicate your campaign message accurately and in style. read more

Tartine Bread – I’ve got the bug!

While visiting friends for dinner last week I got introduced to Tartine bread. This stuff is amazing and easy to make though a bit of an art at the same time. read more

How to stop i-photo opening when you plug in your i-phone

I dislike every time that I plug in my i-phone that apple opens i-photo by default. Frustratingly I put up with this for too long when it was a really easy solution. If you’d like to stop i-photo opening when you plug in your i-phone then keep reading. read more

Map of the soul

I recently had the opportunity to create some illustrated maps for soulfest music festival. The brief was make them fun and give them some life. Rather than the usual topographical map I thought I’d give them a 3D cartoonish feel.  You can check them out at the Soulfest websiteread more


Very happy to be working with Dean and the team at Thrive. They are in my opinion the Gold Coast’s best web design company, this is taking into consideration both the quality of the work and the cost of the website. For years I’ve directed my clients to have their websites designed at Thrive. Starting Jan 2015 I’ll be working with them in house. read more